Planet Saturn

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hi this is just a heads up before you decide to try and talk to me

  • i don't use tone indicators unless asked

  • i may sound very dry/uninterested at times, this is just the way i talk i'm not mad at you :)

  • not the greatest at conversation so don't expect a "hi how r u" to go anywhere

  • i can take a while to reply sometimes so don't think i ghosted you! (i'm also very forgetful so pls poke me if i take too long)
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Microsoft❮R❯ Windows DOS 
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C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32> hello world!
about me!

hello! my name is atlas/percival
i'm 15 (28.12.05) my pronouns are he/they/it

pls don't use any of my old names (yuru/jurou/parasite etc) they belong to other people :) some not here anymore

i'm very very tired and i draw sometimes
irl angel puppy, addicted to monster energy

i'm currently obsessed with futuristic/aquarium themes and the white/blue color combination
my special interest is cyber/computer stuff as well as slavic mythology and pics of pretty skies

i love my 3 moss ball pets (and cat) dearly
if you're someone i talked to before 2021 hi we've technically never met and i probably don't remember you sorry :(

have i ever mentioned my obsession with thighs and blood/cuts? no? ok now you know


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my discord is atlas#0777, feel free to add me :)

some elements on this page are draggable/clickable, have fun!